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Headshot of Cole Townsend wearing a yellow sweater

Cole Townsend, Software Designer

A little about me

I've been working as a product designer for almost 10 years now. I've worked at, and for, both startups and larger organizations alike. I've done product design sprints, 3 day sprints, and perhaps a thousand grooming sessions. I've experimented with in-person, remote, and unsupervised user testing. I've brought products from 0-1 and built within the constraints of legacy features.

How I got started

At first, I fell in love with design as a hobby. I freelanced for a year. Then, I worked at thoughtbot. A year later, I joined Robin as their second designer and learned how to maintain and grow B2B software while working there for 5 years. Now I'm building my own company, Sole Retriever.

In my off-work hours I'm probably out running.

And before that

I majored in Art at Williams College and graduated in 2015. If you need proof, my favorite artist is Thomas Eakins. I joke with my parents and friends that I "didn't do anything with my major," but going to Williams forced me to learn how to research thoroughly, write well, and think critically. It also comes in handy at the art museum.